Imagine If You Could Get Your Hands On the EXACT Nutrition Program Used by Top Bodybuilders and Fitness Models… How Much Body Fat Would You Lose?
What is Your Body Going to Look Like After You Take Advantage of This Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity?
Well, that’s EXACTLY what I’m going to give you today.

A once-in-a-lifetime chance to discover the EXACT Extreme Fat Loss Formula used by top bodybuilders and fitness models, along with one MASSIVE advantage…
It will be individually tailored to YOU!
  • Your unique needs…
  • Your specific goals…
  • Your distinctive body type…
  • Your particular body fat percentage…
  • Your certain activity level…
  • Your favorite foods…
  • Your individual circumstances
And here’s why I’m gonna do it…

First, because I’m tired of all the lies and scams the weight loss and supplement industries are feeding the public. The fitness industry intentionally sets you up to fail!

What’s happening today in the fitness and fat loss industry sickens me, and it’s time to put an end to it forever.

I’m going to break all the rules and let you in on the exact diet secrets that produce the leanest, sexiest bodies on the planet.
I’m Fed Up and Now I Want to Expose the Lies and Scams of the Multi-Million Dollar Weight Loss Business Once and For All…
And secondly, because you simply want to know what REALLY works and you want to cut to the chase.

You’re not interested in learning fat loss theories…

You don’t give a damn about macronutrient ratios, how they work, or why they’re important…

You’re not interested in me giving you a lot of information that you really could care less to know about.

All you care about is getting RESULTS!
All you want to know is EXACTLY what YOU need to eat and how much YOU need to eat.

You want it all done for you so you don’t have to think about it.

You just want somebody to give you your own customized blueprint to extreme fat loss. 
You want it handed to you on a silver platter so all you have to do is read it and follow it.

And you want it from someone who’s “been there, done that.”


Well, that’s EXACTLY what I’m going to do for you today.
  • I don’t care if you’re a male or female…
  • I don’t care if you need to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds…
  • I don’t care if you want to be 15% body fat or 5% body fat…
  • I don’t care if you’re getting ready for a bodybuilding or fitness show or just wanna have a show-stopping body for the first time in your life…
  • I don’t care if you want a fit and lean body with nice shape, and enough definition so you can see your abs and look good in a bathing suit or just want look better than you do now.
Today I’m going to do for you EXACTLY what I do for bodybuilders and fitness models on a daily basis… And I’ve NEVER had a bodybuilder or fitness/figure competitor I’ve worked with not finish in the Top 5 of a contest in the last 14 years… NEVER!


Because when I work with them, their nutrition program is dead-on-the-money EXACTPRECISE

And designed solely and specifically for them.
  • The exact amount of calories…
  • The exact macronutrient ratios…
  • The exact foods…
  • The exact… well, EVERYTHING!
That’s right… Custom-built.

Detailed, precise and explicitly tailored for individual success.

All they have to do is follow the clear-cut details and the results are 100% predictable.
I’m not saying this to impress you. I’m saying this to impress upon you how incredibly effective this program is.
Most Diet Programs Today are Built Based Upon a Very Incomplete Picture of the Physiology of Your Body.
In Other Words, It’s Physiologically Impossible to Lose Fat The Way Most People Are Trying To Do It!
If you’re like most people, the reason you’re having such a hard time getting leaner is because you’re using methods that couldn’t possibly work, physiologically speaking.

You see, nearly all of the popular diet programs today suffer from the same fatal flaws. 

People who are unsuccessful at losing fat are repeating the same mistakes over and over again, all the while expecting to see different results (isn’t that’s generally known as insanity?).

Successful bodybuilders, fitness athletes and models do things differently than the 95% of dieters who fail. The bodybuilder’s way to fat loss allows you to shed an outrageous amount of fat while keeping your lean body mass – and that’s the key to your success – maintaining your muscle and maximizing your metabolism so you burn fat 24 hours a day – even while you sleep.

And as you’ve hopefully realized as you’re reading this web page, you DON’T have to be a bodybuilder to get lean using my Extreme Fat Loss Formula.
These Are Secrets Most People NEVER Discover By Trying To Do It On Their Own…
It’s an irrefutable and proven fact that the fastest way to reach a goal is to “model” someone who has already achieved what you want. You simply find the people who have already done what you want to achieve… you find out how they did it… and you copy what they did.

Elite bodybuilders and fitness competitors have mastered the art and science of losing body fat while keeping all their hard-earned muscle. Obviously, they must know something about fat loss that the rest of the world doesn’t.

So your strategy is really simple – find out how the bodybuilders and fitness models do it and model them. Simple enough, right? Unfortunately not…

Why You are Unlikely to Get This Information Anywhere Else.
First, you have to track down an elite and successful competitor who has the necessary level of knowledge and experience (good luck). Even if you can, MOST OF THEM WOULD NEVER REVEAL THEIR SECRETS TO YOU!

You see, physique athletes are highly secretive by nature. If they told you how they got “ripped” for competitions that would be like a football team giving away their playbook to their opponents!

Face it – this type of nutrition information is hard to come by.

Even if you did find someone who was willing to be your mentor, few possess the intellect or communication skills to pass their knowledge to you in a methodical, logical and systematic format.

I’m going to break all the rules and let you in on the exact diet secrets that produce the leanest, sexiest bodies on the planet.

I Will Take You By The Hand And Teach You The Proven Fat Loss Techniques Of The Best Bodybuilders and Fitness Models… the Leanest Athletes on Earth… Cutting Edge Information “Straight From the Trenches.”
These are not theories written by some science geek in a white lab coat who has never seen the inside of a gym. I practice what I preach and use this system myself. And I’ve helped competitive bodybuilders and fitness competitors for years and NEVER had a client finish lower than the Top 5 at any contest.

It makes NO SENSE to listen to the “armchair experts” who ramble on and on about their weight loss theories while they’re sporting big fat guts. Half of those famous “diet doctors” end up dropping dead from heart attacks! (Does Dr. Atkins come to mind?) Are those the people you really want to model?

And it makes even less sense to listen to the guy or gal at your gym who is the “resident expert.” All they have done is taken one of the seriously flawed nutrition programs they’ve found on the Internet or in a fitness magazine, changed it up a bit to suit their own needs and then preached their “watered down” version to anyone that will listen to them.

THAT, my Friend, is a recipe for disaster!

But that’s what most folks desperately seeking the “magic diet cure” attempt to do.

Don’t feel bad – you’re not alone. I’ve been there myself. I read every bogus diet article in the magazines. I researched all the flawed fat loss information the Internet had to offer. And I fell for the faulty advice that the local gym rat(s) had to offer.

I started at the bottom of the ladder and worked my way up, learned the game slowly and painfully, made all the mistakes, believed in the wrong things, trusted the wrong people, and learned the hard way that it was colossal waste of time.

And now I’m one of the people that bodybuilders and fitness models turn to – athletes whose jobs depend on looking fabulous – when they need to be at their very best for that all-important contest or photo shoot.

Helping people lose weight is what I get paid to do. And I do it very, very well.

Now I want to give something back. That’s why I’m doing this.

Why I Decided to Turn My Fat-Burning System Into an Online Program.
For years, the only way you could get this information was to work with me one-on-one and pay me $2,500-$3,500 as a client of my personal training program or as a competitive athlete preparing for a contest. And that’s if I would even take you as a client – I usually chose to work only with a handful of seriously committed individuals and they would have to “prove” themselves to me.

My “day job” of managing and owning a health club was taking up about 60 -70 hours every week and I was getting busier with each passing month. When you factored in the time I needed for my own workouts, and most importantly, raising my young daughter on my own, I’ve chosen to put my personal coaching program on hold.

I decided that the only way I could possibly give back and continue to help more people would be to turn my fat burning method into a simple, easy-to-understand and easy-to-apply system. Then I would make it available to anyone truly dedicated to self-improvement with the sincere desire to achieve the body they’ve always longed for… the body of their dreams.

And that’s exactly what I did.

I went to the drawing board determined to create a better nutrition solution for my clients…

A solution that cuts through all the confusion to get down to the CORE of what you need to do…

A program that literally arms you with the blueprints…

A platform that reveals these advanced techniques but completely simplifies them so anyone can instantly take immediate action and appreciate it…

And not just the blueprints – but all my shortcuts too…

Shortcuts on getting things done fast…

And inexpensively so you can start getting results immediately (not months from now).

It needed to be an interactive nutrition program that takes you STEP-BY-STEP through the process of annihilating body fat and/or building lean muscle once and for all.

A program that is easy to use and produces predictable results (after all, isn’t that what it’s all about?).

And when I say “step by step”, I mean STEP-BY-STEP.

EVERYTHING… from choosing the foods you like to eat to creating a complete, individually customized, results-producing meal plan in just 10 minutes.

I needed to give you the formula for reaching your fitness goals – no matter what they are – GUARANTEED.

Then It Hit Me Like A Freight Train…
It was my “Ah Ha” moment…

An epiphany… 

My “Holy Crap! How did I not see this sooner” moment!

An app! 

A mobile app that can deliver meal plans, give you the ability to exchange foods, and have your weekly grocery list directly on your phone.

An innovative, interactive nutrition program that takes you STEP-BY-STEP through the process of annihilating body fat and/or building lean muscle once and for all.

When my head cleared and I realized the impact of my discovery, I wasted no time finding the best damn developers to develop a simple, customizable and AUTOMATED solution that I can plug into my clients’ fitness programs regardless of their individual goals and circumstances.

Then I took it a step further. I enlisted the input of some of the brightest minds in the fitness and nutrition industry…


Registered Dietitians…

The top fitness professionals…
  • Personal Trainers
  • Bodybuilders
  • Fitness competitors and models
The best of the best…

The cream of the crop.

I was determined to make this the very best nutrition product on the planet.

After a few years of tweaking and testing, I have perfected the program to the point that it works every single time with 100% certainty… No matter what!
Wait! Let me disclaimer that last statement right now…
It works every single time with 100% certainty if you use it!

That’s the ONLY way it will work.

You can’t purchase this program and never apply it to your life.

And the brilliance of the program is in its simplicity.

Simply fill in the blanks.

Just answer simple questions.

Ones you already know the answers to.

No long, drawn-out or complicated process.

Just pure step-by-step instructions.

So pure and so simple, in fact, that my 11-year old daughter can do it. It’s literally child-proof!

You Merely Answer A Few Simple Questions That You ALREADY Know the Answers To and the Extreme Fat Loss Formula Will Do the “Heavy Lifting” For You.
That’s it!

A few simple questions…
  • Your current weight 
  • Your height
  • Your exercise activities
  • Your profession
  • Your body type
  • Your goals (goal weight and how many pounds per week)
  • Your preferred meals (This will be your toughest decision – to actually decide what types of meals you prefer)
  • Your medical history
I’ll bet you already know the answers to those questions. Right?

I can’t make it any easier than that.

Answer those simple questions and a whole new world of fat loss and muscle building secrets open up to you… The secret code you could never crack!

And You Don’t Have to Learn a Damn Thing!
All You Have to do is Follow Your Customized Meal Program and the Results are 100% GUARANTEED!
And since I have a great IT team that has completely automated the entire process for you, I don’t have to charge thousands of dollars and can offer you something unheard of…

So What’s The Bottom Line? How Much Does This Program Cost?
Well, let me ask: What price can you put on cutting out hours of needless trial and error by focusing on what gets you the best results in the least amount of time?

What’s your time worth?

If you wanted to hire your own nutritionist to create meal plans for you, expect to pay at least $150 per hour (I know because I’ve charged that).

And some advanced programs (with half the features of the Extreme Fat Loss Formula) can cost $1,000 or more… In fact, the Extreme Fat Loss Formula cost well over $35 thousand dollars to develop!

I normally sell the Extreme Fat Loss Formula at $39.95 a month (and it is a bargain at that price). But as a special limited-time offer you can have unlimited access to the Extreme Fat Loss Formula for only $97 lifetime access!

The Entire “Extreme Fat Loss Formula” for Just $97.
One-Time Price. Lifetime Access!
This is THE product that finally answers all your questions. That takes all the guesswork out of it.

It’s 100% complete. There are NO upsells. NO down-sells or cross-sells.

Just a simple offer.

And it’s all as simple as pushing a few buttons. In fact, that’s exactly all you have to do.
You get it ALL for the unbelievably low one-time payment of just $97. 

That’s right… a fraction of what it will sell for in just a few weeks (and pennies compared to the price of a typical “guru” course filled with fluff and upsells).

Look, I’ll be blunt… if you’ve been on my list for any length of time – or have heard about me, you know my programs work. I get results. My systems have been proven over and over again for almost two decades.

And if you can’t see the value of investing this small fee to learn my entire system PROVEN over 29+ years – laid out for you step-by-step… well, you are simply not serious about building a better body.

The reason I’ve created this program and priced it so low is simple.

I know there are a lot of people out there who are NOT getting the results they want from the endless sea of worthless fad diets, “miracle pills” and weight-loss scams the multi-million dollar weight loss industry perpetrates upon society. If you’re one of them… YOU are why I’m making this available.

I know I can help so many people get more results from their weight-loss journey.

The Extreme Fat Loss Formula is like having an expert nutritionist, right at your side, showing you exactly what you need to do to shed body fat in the fastest and most efficient manner possible… Keeping you on track and eliminating all guesswork.

In fact, you WILL have me as your “personal nutritionist” right on your computer. But at a deep, deep discount from what you’d normally pay me (or any other reputable nutritionist).

Believe me, I can honestly say this program will produce more results than any of the diet scams, bogus supplements and “fat burner” pills you’ll spend your hard-earned money on.

Look at it this way: For the same price you’d pay for a hyped-up bottle of fat-burners (that don’t do a damn thing to help you lose fat), you can have a proven weight loss plan and professional nutritionist available whenever you need. And a bottle of any of those pills lasts you only a couple weeks. This valuable nutrition program will be with you for as long as you want!

If you know of ANYONE that wants to change their body AND their life, this is a Win-Win-Win situation!

Yes, I know it’s crazy to offer all of this for ONLY $97.
And I know there will be some people that will take advantage of me. But I know by lowering the price to something everyone can afford – it will change the lives of thousands more people.

I stand behind all my products. If, after 60 days, you don’t feel this program is the most kick-ass system and it hasn’t changed your physique dramatically – you should not pay anything.

You can receive a full refund. No questions asked. All the pressure and risk is on me.
You have absolutely nothing to lose.
If you’re still a little unsure about making the very best investment you can in a leaner… more sexy you… I completely understand.

You may not know me and you may have some doubts whether this program can do what I say.

So please, let me take all the risk. Test this program at my expense!

Order the program, use it, and treat it as your own. Go through your own 2-month “trial run.”

And if you aren’t completely blown away with the results you get… simply send the program back and you’ll receive a prompt refund of all your money. No questions asked, and no hassles.

We’ll still be friends, and no hard feelings.

But I seriously doubt you’ll be sending the program back. That’s because I’m confident you’ll be thrilled with your results from using it.

That means… you can learn EVERYTHING for FREE, if you choose.

It’s true. You can have full access to The Extreme Fat Loss Formula all to yourself for 60 days.

And here’s my personal promise and guarantee to you.

I want to eliminate all worry for you

Order this fat loss program right now. Try it out…

If, for any reason (or for no reason at all) you’re not absolutely 100% satisfied with what it’s done for you, just ask and you will receive a full and total refund. Period. No questions asked and no hassles. There are no strings attached to this offer.

It’s a FREE look.

That’s because I know you’ll be satisfied using this program, but you really don’t know that yet, until you have it in front of you.

Sure, I could get ripped off big-time this way… but I tend to trust people.

I was once there, frustrated and looking for someone who would help me reach my goals. I know you’ll make the right decision based on your experience.

If I prove myself to you, and treat you with the respect you deserve, you’ll continue to use my program. And if I don’t, we part friends, and you haven’t risked a penny. So I guess what I’m saying is, don’t decide now if this program is for you.

Just get it and try it out.

If it doesn’t do everything I say and more… if you don’t lose more fat and inches from your body…

If it isn’t life-changing and you’re not thrilled with it, just email me and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price. Quickly and easily. So you really have nothing to lose by trying it.

But as I said earlier, I seriously doubt you’ll be sending the program back.

That’s because I’m confident you’ll be thrilled with your results from using it.

So please, don’t procrastinate and “think about it”. If you’re tired of not having the head-turning physique you want… you can change that right now.

Because the program is web-based, you can order it right here on this web page from any computer – anywhere in the world – and you can order any hour of the day or night and get started in minutes.
Thanks to technology and the worldwide web, just moments from now, with a couple of mouse clicks, you can be one step closer to the lean, strong, sexy body you’ve always wanted!

So, are you ready to get started?

Everything you want is out there waiting for you to take action.

Everything you want also wants you.

But you have to be decisive to get it.

Like I said, you are one step closer to getting the lean, strong, sexy body you’ve always dreamed of.

Only hours from learning the closely-guarded secrets you’ve always wanted to know.

A couple of mouse clicks away.

You’re gonna get your chance to get the Pro Diets Extreme Fat Loss Formula before it opens to the public.
Now… Isn’t It Time YOU Got The Bodybuilder and Fitness Model Secrets?
How much do you think you would have to pay to receive over 29+ years of secret diet information that others are unwilling to share?

This is a lot more than just another diet e-book with more filler than a Chicken McNugget…
  • This is a REAL working nutrition program that does all of the work for you, designed to keep and even build muscle mass while you melt off stubborn body fat… totally transforming your body and giving you a prize-winning physique.
  • This is the EXACT system bodybuilders, figure competitors and fitness models are paying me hundreds, even thousands of dollars, right now to produce championship-caliber physiques.
  • This system has been proven to be tried-and-true over and over again and has NEVER produced a fitness athlete that finished lower than Top 5 in their competition.
  • This program is brain-dead simple to use! Answer a few simple questions, follow your individually customized meal plan, and watch your body transform into what you’ve always dreamed it could be.
The information inside this program is priceless. It has transformed many average, even mediocre bodies into top-level physiques.

Like I said earlier, I’m breaking all the rules and letting you in on the exact diet secrets that produce the leanest, sexiest bodies in the world.
I Believe This Is The Most Incredible Fat Loss Program You’ll Ever Come Across.
Let me wrap this up by asking you a few simple questions that I ask my personal training clients…

  • Would you like to fit into those clothes that you miss wearing?
  • Want to fit into a sexy new bathing suit the next time you hit the beach?
  • Are you frustrated trying to figure out the truth about what it really takes to lose fat, increase strength and energy, and tone up?
  • Are you tired of trying useless programs or fad diets, being disappointed with the lack of results?
  • Do you want a program that’s simple and easy to follow, yet extremely powerful and productive?
  • And would you like to lose weight without taking pills, without using a restrictive diet, and without having to exercise all the time?
If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, I’m confident the system you’re going to learn right now will help you lose unsightly body fat, tone up, and increase your energy and confidence… guaranteed!

Take a minute to daydream… Imagine, just a few weeks from now, being thinner, sexier, and more energetic. Showing off your new body to your spouse and other loved ones. How does that make you feel? Feeling more confident, more attractive, having a lot more self-esteem.

These are ordinary people, like you and me, achieving extraordinary results.
And the same formula that Jay, Melony, Karla, and many others used to lose fat will also work for you!
And my overweight clients have enjoyed such mind-boggling success with my system, I confidently believe I have the high-speed fat-burning breakthrough so many people have been hoping for.

Once you get on my system, your body just burns off fat. Even as you eat, relax, or sleep, once you get your metabolism running smoothly on my system, you’ll continue to lose fat.

And the pounds and inches will keep coming off, faster than you ever thought possible!

Almost effortlessly. Believe it or not, my clients that follow this program have lost an average of 30 pounds over 8 weeks. And without severe, calorie-restrictive dieting and without hours of exercise.

You can see why this new program is causing such excitement among men and women (of all ages) everywhere.
The program being revealed to you today can cause dramatic and wonderful changes in your life on every level.
And not just in the way you look and feel… even more importantly, you now have an amazing opportunity to enjoy what others can only dream about… namely…

A Guaranteed Way To Look Better, Feel Better, and Turn More Heads!
It doesn’t matter if you’re man or woman, young or past middle age, I cannot stress how powerfully this program can affect your life.

This is scientifically-proven information that will help you look better and feel better about yourself.

The changes you see and feel (when you put these secrets to use) will actually help you feel more confident, more outgoing, more sexy, and more attractive.

The Extreme Fat Loss Formula is a step-by-step plan you can use immediately!
Bodybuilders and Fitness Models Pay Me Top Dollar for the Information You Are About to Receive.
The bottom line is, I’m good at what I do and I produce results!
Bodybuilders and fitness models pay me a lot of money (upward of $3,500 for this information) because I have a reputation of producing world-class, jaw-dropping physiques. It’s what I do, and I am very, very good at it.

Considering the amount of time put into this system, and amount of detail and customization, a couple of hundred dollars invested wouldn’t be unreasonable for this high-quality information.

This IS a NO-FAIL Nutrition System designed to transform your body with proven techniques and strategies… but relax, you won’t have to pay near that amount to receive this top-secret fat loss information.

But, you will have to hurry… This special sale offer will not last long. This system is WAY too valuable and too much in demand to keep it at this insane low price!

What are you waiting for? The Pro Diets Extreme Fat Loss Formula is not going to remain at this discounted, closed-door sale price for much longer, so take advantage of this opportunity while it’s still available.
Start Downloading Your Program In The Next 2 Minutes…
Here’s what to do now:

The whole process takes just a minute and you’ll be using this powerful program in about 2 minutes.

When you gain access, you’ll answer a few simple questions about yourself—questions you already know the answers to—and I’ll take it from there.

Within minutes you’ll have your exact success blueprint for your new, lean, sexy, and perfect body. Then all you have to do is follow your personalized blueprint and watch the results happen.

That’s it!

Click the “Add to Cart” button below and order with your credit card and you’ll be downloading the software and bonuses in just a minute!

You may be wondering why I’m revealing this powerful system to others?
Why not keep it all to myself?
Well, the answer is simple. When I developed this program, I just knew I had something special on my hands… I knew it was too powerful to keep to myself. I guess I consider myself a really good person who likes to help others.

I knew it would help folks get a lot more results in less time.

I couldn’t just sit by and let others keep going about it the wrong way.

And I’d love to help you as well.

Thanks for your time.
Fat Loss Expert
Click the “Add To Cart” button below to grab your spot NOW and get “The Extreme Fat Loss Formula” for Only $97
P.S. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Your perfect body only takes place at the moment you’re fed up…
  • with being overweight!
  • with being unhappy!
  • with not having the sex appeal you want!
  • with not having the energy you need!
  • with not having the body you want!
  • with not having the killer, washboard abs you want!
  • with not having the confidence you’d like!
All of that changes ONLY after you decide to take action to change it!
Overcome the “paralysis of analysis” that holds so many back and you can be receiving this program in less than a minute.

It would be easier to just keep doing what you’ve been doing to try and lose weight. But if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten!

It’s time to do better so you can get better!

This is your moment; take the leap of faith by ordering below.

Please, don’t procrastinate and wait. If you’re tired of not having the body you want… that will change when you use this program.

So skip the aggravation and confusion. Cut right to the chase and get the vital information you need to get in the best shape of your life!

P.P.S. One more thing… and it’s important.

You must hurry if you want the program at this price, with the MASSIVE Discounted Price. I plan on raising the price of my program from $97 lifetime access back to $39.95 monthly soon.

This price increase is to ensure this incredibly powerful system is used helping those who are motivated to get the most out of this program.

But once this closed-door sale is over, this program will go back to its regular $479.40 ($39.95 x 12 months) price and I’ll have to discontinue the free bonus incentives.

So, honestly, if you’re serious about changing your body AND your life, order your copy now before the price goes up and I discontinue the free bonus package.
DISCLAIMER (It's important to me that you understand this): *Results are not typical.* Advertised results are only typical of people who take action and apply the nutrition strategies as outlined within this program. Don't invest in this program if you think it's gonna automatically re-invent your body just because you decided to buy it. Anything worth having in life requires some degree of work and discipline to succeed and I make no apologies for that. Even though this program will be telling you and showing you what to do, if you don't take action on it there's not much point of doing it at all. Copyright © 2018
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